Innocent Bystander

A pro-life woman was fired from her job as a stewardess because she chose to voice her disgust about her union using her dues to pay for flight attendants to be part of the Woman’s March in Washington, D.C. She said as much to her boss and was subsequently fired after her employer found her pro-life Facebook posts “highly offensive”.

So, let me get this straight. A pro-lifer is highly offensive yet supporting the killing of a fetus’ heartbeat is moral and something to be proud of? Liberals bring new meaning to the phrase bleeding-heart.

I truly hope the HR 36 bill makes it through the Senate. Abortions should be illegal altogether, except in extreme circumstances such as saving the life of the mother, pregnancy through incest, or rape of a young girl. It’s a despicable act and I question the decency of those who are pro-choice. Realizing that you’re silencing the heartbeat of a beautiful living thing just to fulfill some political ideology that grants you notoriety among the crowd should disgust you. Any moral being with two eyes would see that, but you are blind.