Righteous Indignation

Apparently George Lopez was booed of the stage recently after making some anti-Trump comments. What a surprise?! A left-wing celebrity mocking the president. It seems as if these people cannot have thoughts of their own. One starts a trend and the rest follow suit. What do you think the percentage is of celebrities that can actually give an educated response to the issues for which they criticize President Trump?

I especially did not appreciate George’s white privilege comment. I’m going to guess while he was a small-time comic performing at some holes in the wall that at least some of the clubs were owned by white business men. I’m sure at many points throughout his career he was given a boost by someone white. That’s basically a guarantee. They gave him the privilege to speak his voice and now he acts like an ungrateful little automaton. Wake up and smell the hypocrisy, George.

Life Begins At Conception

The Department of Health and Human Services provided new guidelines as to when they considered life to begin. They stated that life does indeed begin at conception. That should upset plenty of liberals who still find it appropriate to pine for partial birth abortions.

It’s sad that there are people out there who need to be constantly reminded that abortion is murdering an unborn child. A heart starts beating at three weeks. If that isn’t a sign of life, I don’t know what is. It’s disgusting that a woman feels the need to destroy the life growing inside of her because she and her boyfriend decided that it just wasn’t time yet. She wants to spend more nights in the club getting wasted with her bitches. She isn’t quite done sleeping her way through college.

In this country of ours where it seems more and more people are growing their bleeding hearts it’s not likely that law will ever be changed. Maybe with President Trump in office, and with the Republican advantage in the Supreme Court, we can get that amendment added. There are very few things worthy of a constitutional amendment; I think this should be considered as one of them. It would be saving the life of so many fetuses. If I had a big enough voice I would certainly get this thing underway.

Some Rants & Ramblings

It looks as if Hillary Clinton likes to surround herself with sexual predators. Between her husband and Harvey Weinstein she just can’t seem to make the right choice when it comes to who she associates herself with. The hypocrisy comes from her disdain towards Donald Trump regarding the same topic. This was her quote to BBC’s Andrew Marr.

“After all we have someone admitting to be a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.”

I don’t know about you, but I assumed she was talking about Bill.


I wasn’t too thrilled to hear about the Boy Scouts’ acceptance of girls into their ranks. A once proud and promising group has now given into the throes political correctness. I was told by some that the Boy Scouts partake in numerous activities in which the Girl Scouts don’t. They felt like it wasn’t fair to be left out and that all should be given those wonderful opportunities to explore the world similarly.  I get that. I truly do.

So, why not take this issue up with the heads of the Girl Scouts? Why infiltrate an organization who’s main purpose is to develop boys into young men? What will happen to the morals instilled into these boys when they need to be adapted to suit their newest female arrivals? After all, you can’t treat them entirely the same so someone’s experience is going to be compromised.  If someone’s solution is going to be to split up the groups to have their own unique experience, I’m going to laugh at the utterly hysterical irony.


Innocent Bystander

A pro-life woman was fired from her job as a stewardess because she chose to voice her disgust about her union using her dues to pay for flight attendants to be part of the Woman’s March in Washington, D.C. She said as much to her boss and was subsequently fired after her employer found her pro-life Facebook posts “highly offensive”.

So, let me get this straight. A pro-lifer is highly offensive yet supporting the killing of a fetus’ heartbeat is moral and something to be proud of? Liberals bring new meaning to the phrase bleeding-heart.

I truly hope the HR 36 bill makes it through the Senate. Abortions should be illegal altogether, except in extreme circumstances such as saving the life of the mother, pregnancy through incest, or rape of a young girl. It’s a despicable act and I question the decency of those who are pro-choice. Realizing that you’re silencing the heartbeat of a beautiful living thing just to fulfill some political ideology that grants you notoriety among the crowd should disgust you. Any moral being with two eyes would see that, but you are blind.